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More UNC Wallpapers for Tar Heel Fans

Our collection of UNC Wallpapers grew today. Here are 2 new smartphone wallpapers and 2 new desktop wallpapers for Tar Heel fans. The 1920 x 1080 desktop wallpapers work for laptops and tablets too, of course. But if you like holding your tablet in portrait view, you may prefer to use the 1080 x 1920 UNC smartphone wallpapers.

All of the UNC wallpapers by Carolina On My Mind are available for free download, and most of the other Tar Heel wallpapers linked here are also available at no cost.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these UNC wallpapers, email trueblue82@carolinaonmymind.org.  And if you like any of these wallpapers, please share them with your friends.

Other UNC wallpapers are always available here.




UNC Beats Clemson in Chapel Hill 57 Straight

Not This Year!  57 and Counting...  UNC Beats Clemson in Chapel Hill again.

“UNC Beats Clemson in Chapel Hill”

You’ve heard or read that headline quite a few times unless you’re awfully young or you simply don’t follow Tar Heel basketball.  At some point, Clemson is bound to win again in Chapel Hill.   They have to, don’t they?  Obviously, odds are in their favor.

Year after year, decade after decade, Tar Heels tell each other that Clemson is eventually going to a game in Chapel Hill.  But it didn’t happen in 2014.

Clemson has won exactly ZERO times in the last 57 meetings against the Tar Heels on the hard court in Chapel Hill.  #KeepTheRecordAlive, Tar Heels.