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NC State: 33 Years and Counting


To celebrate last night’s win which completes the sweep of NC State in men’s basketball during the regular season once again, we thought we’d update an old graphic that was created while the Wolfpack’s ill-advised “Our State” advertising campaign was ongoing.

Download NowNC State: This Is Our Stat - 33 Years and Counting

Yes, it has been 33 years since the Wolfpack has won a national championship in any sport except… wait for it… Bass Fishing.  North Carolina might be NC State’s state on a level much different from the one they attempted to promote, but that stat is definitely theirs.

  • NC State is 3-30 against Roy Williams.
  • The last time the Wolfpack had a coach with a winning record against UNC is when they had Everett Case on the sideline from 1946 to 1965. Case was 25-19 against the Tar Heels.
  • NC State is now 77-153 against UNC in men’s basketball.

To be fair, it’s difficult to excel in anything else if you spend every waking moment focused on how to bring down UNC.   Or should we say “UNCheat”, the not-so-ingeniously creative way those adorable whimpering pups now refer to the Tar Heels?



More UNC Wallpapers for Tar Heel Fans

Our collection of UNC Wallpapers grew today. Here are 2 new smartphone wallpapers and 2 new desktop wallpapers for Tar Heel fans. The 1920 x 1080 desktop wallpapers work for laptops and tablets too, of course. But if you like holding your tablet in portrait view, you may prefer to use the 1080 x 1920 UNC smartphone wallpapers.

All of the UNC wallpapers by Carolina On My Mind are available for free download, and most of the other Tar Heel wallpapers linked here are also available at no cost.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these UNC wallpapers, email trueblue82@carolinaonmymind.org.  And if you like any of these wallpapers, please share them with your friends.

Other UNC wallpapers are always available here.




Free UNC Wallpapers for Desktops and Smartphones

We’ve added 7 more easy-to-download free UNC wallpapers for desktops and smartphones.

Other UNC wallpapers are always available here.







2012 UNC Commencement Speech Delivered by Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC

Roughly 32,000 people attended the spring 2012 UNC commencement ceremony in Kenan Stadium, and almost 5,700 received degrees. Five of those degree recipients were senior basketball players Tyler Zeller, Justin Watts, Stewart Cooper, Patrick Crouch, and David Dupont.

Watch and listen as mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg, shares his experience, advice, and humor with all in attendance.  He even manages a couple of good-natured digs at Duke and one at Harvard.

Additionally, the mayor was awarded an honorary doctors of law degree.  Others who received honorary degrees were:

  • David S. Ferriero, archivist of the United States, of Washington, D.C. — doctor of laws degree
  • Thomas W. Lambeth ’57, retired executive director of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, of Winston-Salem — doctor of letters degree
  • Branford Marsalis, world-renowned saxophonist, of Durham –doctor of music degree
  • Katharine Lee Reid, retired director of the Cleveland Museum of Art, of Chapel Hill — doctor of fine arts degree
Read Text of Commencement Speech by Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Tyler Zeller — One of the Many Good Reasons to Follow College Basketball

In this what-can-you-do-for-me and how-fast-can-you-get-me-to-the-NBA age of college basketball, Tyler Zeller is a breath of fresh air.

More to come…

Can You Name All the Retired or Honored Jerseys in the Rafters at the Dean Dome?

Test Your Tar Heel Basketball Knowledge

How many of the basketball players can you name whose have retired or honored jerseys in the rafters in the Dean E. Smith Center?  Here’s a neat game to test your memory.  It needs an update to include the players since 2009, but it is still a fun way to test your Tar Heel knowledge.

CLICK HERE to play the game and see how many you can name.