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Tar Heel Football Better Because of Them

Tar Heel Ryan Swtizer, Mitch Trubisky

Valuable Tar Heels on and off the field

The Tar Heel football program is losing a number of high-quality young men to either graduation or early entry into the NFL.

I don’t want to alarm you fine folks, but the departing players accounted for 98.6% of our 2016 offensive scoring per Greg Barnes at Inside Carolina. However, that’s not what I’m here to discuss right now.

These young men helped make Carolina relevant in football once again. They committed to a program that was mediocre at best, some would say. They helped change the culture here. They broke record after record. They won at a higher rate than normal for UNC. In fact, during the time these young men were at UNC, we enjoyed the most gridiron success as a fan base that we’ve had since Mack Brown left UNC to become the Head Coach at Texas.

As importantly, they did this with class, good behavior and good sportmanship during one of the most difficult off-field times in the school’s history. They were taunted for and accused of things that had nothing at all to do with them. They kept their heads up. And they continued to do what they came here to do. I’m going to miss them very much.

letters all tar heel fans should read

Today I want to share with any of you who may have missed these letters, the heartfelt words of Ryan Switzer and Mitch Trubisky. Ryan and Mitch are two of the most talented and high-character guys to play college football anywhere. They are two of the group of fine Tar Heel players moving on to the next stages in their young lives.

Here’s a link to Ryan’s letter that appeared on Inside Carolina: http://www.scout.com/…/34…/15183963-letter-from-ryan-switzer

And here’s a link to Mitch’s letter that appeared at The Player’s Tribune: http://www.theplayerstribune.com/mitch-trubisky-university…/

Please join me in thanking these two young men as well as their departing teammates for all that they gave to Carolina Football, to UNC, to the fans of UNC, and to the Chapel Hill community.

Happy Birthday, Coach Dean Smith

Today, February 28th, is the birthday of our beloved and respected Coach Dean Smith. RIP, dear Coach.

The graphic below is 453px x 453px. It works well as a profile pic on many platforms. Feel free to use or share this graphic created on Coach Dean Smith’s birthday in remembrance of the beloved and respected longtime coach of the UNC Tar Heels.

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RIP, Coach Dean Smith

UNC Beats Clemson in Chapel Hill 57 Straight

Not This Year!  57 and Counting...  UNC Beats Clemson in Chapel Hill again.

“UNC Beats Clemson in Chapel Hill”

You’ve heard or read that headline quite a few times unless you’re awfully young or you simply don’t follow Tar Heel basketball.  At some point, Clemson is bound to win again in Chapel Hill.   They have to, don’t they?  Obviously, odds are in their favor.

Year after year, decade after decade, Tar Heels tell each other that Clemson is eventually going to a game in Chapel Hill.  But it didn’t happen in 2014.

Clemson has won exactly ZERO times in the last 57 meetings against the Tar Heels on the hard court in Chapel Hill.  #KeepTheRecordAlive, Tar Heels.