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NC State: 33 Years and Counting


To celebrate last night’s win which completes the sweep of NC State in men’s basketball during the regular season once again, we thought we’d update an old graphic that was created while the Wolfpack’s ill-advised “Our State” advertising campaign was ongoing.

Download NowNC State: This Is Our Stat - 33 Years and Counting

Yes, it has been 33 years since the Wolfpack has won a national championship in any sport except… wait for it… Bass Fishing.  North Carolina might be NC State’s state on a level much different from the one they attempted to promote, but that stat is definitely theirs.

  • NC State is 3-30 against Roy Williams.
  • The last time the Wolfpack had a coach with a winning record against UNC is when they had Everett Case on the sideline from 1946 to 1965. Case was 25-19 against the Tar Heels.
  • NC State is now 77-153 against UNC in men’s basketball.

To be fair, it’s difficult to excel in anything else if you spend every waking moment focused on how to bring down UNC.   Or should we say “UNCheat”, the not-so-ingeniously creative way those adorable whimpering pups now refer to the Tar Heels?



Talented Tar Heels Fall to Stanford 74-65

UNC Knocks Off #1 Seed USC Gamecocks 3-30-2014







After the late game against Stanford and all the postgame interviews, the Tar Heel women’s basketball team took the red-eye home last night from California.  Then they went to class this morning — some of them on no sleep.

I’m extremely proud of and impressed with this basketball team. It is a young but talented team, and everyone is expected to be back next season, including Coach Sylvia Hatchell. #BrightFuture

The Elite 8 matchup was much closer than the 74-65 final score indicates, as Stanford went on an 8-0 run starting around the 1:40 mark to close out the game. The Tar Heels led by as much as 13 at one point.

DeShields had a poor shooting night, hitting only 5 of 15. Yet, only 2 more strong minutes of play by the young Heels, and they would have been Final Four bound. That’s heartbreaking, but it’s also high-octane fuel for getting better.

As competitive as this group is — DeShields especially — not being able to close out a game of that magnitude on the big stage will eat at them and drive them to work harder every single day. Look for big things from this team going forward.

I can’t wait for next season and the next and the next.

#GoHeels #TarHeelNation

Finish the Season Strong

UNC National Championship Banners

(Originally posted on Facebook immediately after UNC lost to Duke in Durham, 93-81.  Follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/CarolinaTarHeelsOnMyMind.)

McAdoo’s early foul trouble, Meeks’ illness, a great game by Hood, and a stellar game by Parker were too much for this Heel team to overcome. They’ll learn from this, and they’ll grow because of this.

This season is far from over, and we’ll still make some noise this year in both tournaments. But the dividends of some of these tough losses — especially the one tonight — will really show up next year and even the next.

We can’t start a game like this not matching their intensity. We have to stay poised and take care of the ball much better than we did tonight. (Early in the game, we had 6 points and 6 turnovers. Think about that.) And Paige can’t wait until the second half to start exerting his will on the offensive end. He has to break that pattern.

A coach can tell players those things over and over and over. But sometimes the players only partially understand words. They think they understand, but on nights like tonight, it becomes clear what “playing with a sense of urgency” and “playing the full 40 minutes” really means.

We have good guys on our team. They have heart, they’re talented, they’re coachable, and they’re resilient. They never give up — one of my favorite things about this team. They have far exceeded my expectations once we all learned PJ would not rejoin the team. But my expectations for them next year will be much higher.

For now, let’s finish the season strong. Let’s try to continue to exceed expectations. Let’s keep getting better.

Go Heels!